14 November 2015

How to sync your Nike+GPS watch workout data with iPhone and Apple Health App?

I'm an avid runner and I love to watch my activities (like walking, running). However, I like to track my running using my TomTom Nike+GPS watch and then see the statistics in Apple Health App (iOS 9). What do I do?

Step 1: Connect the TomTom Nike+GPS Watch to your Macbook or a PC.

Step 2: Install the App on your MacBook or PC (Click Here)

Step 3: Connect your watch to the Macbook or PC

Step 4: Login to your Nike+ profile or create the new profile. If you haven't created your profile, you will have to create it in nike website. you can click on the Nikeplus.com 

You can click on the nikeplus.com link at the bottom right (circled).

Once the website opens, you need to create the account. 

Step 5: Login to the same account in your macbook or PC. Click on "settings" and edit your profile. 

Step 6: Remove the watch and attach it again to the Macbook or PC. It will upload your workout online in the NikePlus.com website.

Step 7 : In your iPhone, (iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, iPhone 6s), download the Nike+running app. (Click here for link)

Step 8: Allow the App to write to Health (Apple Health App)

You're all set to go. Next time, once your finish your workout (with Nike+GPS TomTom watch on), you connect your watch to the same MacBook or PC and you can see your workout statistics (distance mainly) in your Health.

Do let me know if you know a better or efficient way to sync TomTom Nike+GPS workout details to your iPhone and Apple Health App. 

28 May 2012

How to directly download Youtube Videos to iPhone and iPad for free without Jailbreaking?

It must have been frustrating to find out that you need to stream the videos from Youtube everytime you want to listen to them in Youtube. The question you'd ask everytime would be "How can I directly download the Youtube Videos into my iPhone or iPad for Free without jailbreaking my device?

Yes, there are Apps which will allow you to download videos for free :

  • MxTube
  • YourTube

But these require to be downloaded from Cydia. For that you need to jailbreak your iPhone or iPad or iPod Touch.

But now, there is a legitimate iOS app in the Apple AppStore which will now allow you to download your favorite videos from Youtube to your iPhone or an iPad or the iPod touch.

The app is..

MediaBurner, the free App from iTunes AppStore. 

How to download the video?

Step 1 : Search for the video you want to download

Step 2 : Tap the thumbnail of the video to start the download.

Step 3 : Enjoy the downloaded video :)

About MediaBurner

Its a $1.99 app, available now for free (Limited Period). So even if you want to try later, just download and keep it in your iTunes because its free now !!
Download the MediaBurner by Clicking here..

There is another App in AppStore of iTunes which will help you download the Youtube videos. This costs $4.99 and hence not totally free :)

TagDisk Plus(TagDisk +)

Step 1 : Download the App from iTunes by paying 4.99 USD

Step 2 : Run the App, in the browser tab, search for the youtube video.

Step 3 : Press and hold the thumbnail until you get the "Download" pop-up. Download the video this way.
You can download the App from iTunes by clicking here

Let me know if you discover anymore apps.. 

13 October 2011

How to turn on Wifi Hotspot / Tethering in an iPhone 4 or iPhone 3gs

With the iOS4, its now possible to turn on the wifi tethering in an iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS. The best thing is, Apple Developers have retained the Wifi Tethering feature.

What is Wifi Tethering or Wifi Hotspot?
Ans : Converting the GPRS or 3G internet from your mobile service provider to Wifi signal so that your laptop or another smart phone can connect to and use internet.

Image : Wifi tethering visual example

What is the use of Wifi Tethering or Wifi Hotspot?
Ans : You do not need to carry a datacard with you everywhere. Easily convert your iPhone to a wifi hotspot, connect your laptop to the iPhone and start using internet right away.

How do I enable Wifi Hotspot / Tethering in an iPhone 4 or iPhone 3G?

Non Jail Broken iPhone
1) With AT&T and Verizon, you need to purchase a tethering plan. The Dataplan is : DataPro 4GB which costs $45 for 4 GB. If you finish off using the 4GB then you can get 1 GB for $10.

2) Turn on the Wifi tethering in the following sequence
Setting--> General--> Network--> Setup internet tethering

You can choose Bluetooth, Wifi or USB tethering.
Important Update : iOS has officially disabled Wifi tethering via a Software update. The reason might be probably that the device gets heated up a lot while behaving like a Wifi tethering device.

Jail Broken iPhone
The only way left for a official Wifi tethering (without datacable or other tethering) is by following the Jailbroken way..

1) Tap on the "Cydia" icon on the homescreen.
2) In the search bar, type "MyWi". There will be 2 apps displayed. Select the app that does not have "No Rock" next to it.
3) Tap on "install" and then confirm the installation.
4) After the installation is over, tap on "Reload SpringBoard"
5) Launch the App. The app will look like below.

6) Turn on Wifi tethering. Enter an access point and an (optional) password. And Voila, you're ready to use it.

PS : Sometimes, the application doesn't launch properly. You might have to restart your mobile iphone if in case the app hands.

I am unable to share 3G data via Wifi tethering / Hotspot. What should I do?
Ans : Resetting network setting solved the problem for me. Settings --> General --> Reset --> Reset Network Settings. Reboot the iPhone if need be.