07 April 2010

RedSn0w vs Sn0wbreeze vs blackra1n

We all want our favorite gadgets iPhone and iPod touch to be jailbroken. We like installing apps we want and we want to run flash in our iPods and iPhones. But gosh, there are way too many tools to achieve the same. Which one to choose?

Various Tools
The 3 major tools I am going to write about to jailbreak the iPod touch/iPhone are :
  • RedSn()w
  • Sn()wBreeze
  • Blackra1n

RedSn0w :

RedSn0w is an easy to use, multi-platform, multi-device jailbreaking and unlocking (iPhone 2G only) tool for the iPhone 2G (original iPhone), the iPhone 3G (but not the 3GS) and also the iPod touch (first and second generation). RedSn0w is from the iPhone Dev Team, special mention to MuscleNerd.

RedSn0w is more like Pwnage Tool. While Pwnage Tool is for Mac OSX only, RedSn0w is a multi-platform jailbreaking and unlocking tool on Windows and Mac OS X for iPhone 2G (original iPhone), the iPhone 3G, the iPhone 3GS and also the iPod touch (first, second and third generation). It is soon going to support Linux also.

Read more about RedSn0w by clicking here.

Advantages :
  • Official iPhone Dev Team launch, so most trusted, downloaded and tested
  • Change the boot logo and enable verbose mode without restoring again
  • It's a standalone program that doesn't use iTunes
Sn0wBreeze, designed for Windows Operating system, is a jailbreaking tool from ih8sn0w. It also helps us setup custom boot logos, activate our iPhone, root partition size, build custom IPSW, boot neuters (unlock for iPhone 1st Generation) and more!

Devices Supported:
iPhone 2G
iPhone 3G
iPhone 3G[S] (old bootrom)
iPod Touch 1G
iPod Touch 2G - non MC

Advantages :
  • This method is usually more secure than the quick exploits (redsn0w, Blackra1n)
  • Disable baseband updates to take care of all using unofficial carrier for e.g. T-Mobile by offering us a choice to preserve our baseband while updating to latest firmware.

Blackra1n is yet another jailbreaking tool from a 20 year old guy named George Hotz. This is a 30 second All Device jailbreak. It achieves this by patching the firmware of the device "on the fly" - meaning it edits the firmware located on the device whilst in DFU (recovery) mode.

It allows users to install Cydia, Icy and Rock though the support for Icy is removed in RC3 of Blackra1n. This allows the user to access tweaks, homebrew applications, the root directory and the file system.

Advantages :
  • Blackra1n can do a tethered jailbreak on the iPod Touch 3G and the iPhone 3GS running OS 3.1.3 (Added in RC2)
  • George Hotz mentioned that he found an untethered Jailbreak for iPhone OS 3.1.3 and that it will most likely work with the iPad !

A video on Differences between these 3 tools should help..

Verdict :
All 3 serve different purposes. Depending on what iPod iPhone firmware you have, what operating system you have, choose the jailbreaking tool. In the end, what matters is the freedom and all 3 offers them.

Go for :
RedSn0w : As they are the most used and tested jailbreak tool
Sn0wBreeze : If you want a slow and trust worthy jailbreaking system like Pwnage Tool
Blackra1n : If you want the untethered jailbreak for firmware 3.1.3

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